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We are unlikely to be able to grant where there is no valid reason. Any documents which are not in English must be accompanied by a reliable English translation. Make sure passports are signed. Applying By Post The Address The address to which you must post an application on form EEA4 is Posting to any other address will delay it. The fee charged is for the processing and consideration of the application. This fee will be payable once the application form is received by the Home Office or...
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Hey how are you sure how they are you doing long time no see how the hell are you oh I'm doing well I'm doing well how about yourself how are you yeah that's a good show I've I've had a few sleepless nights I can see that tell me about it well the case where this young lady was chilling in love with this young man and it was an immigration marriage fraud yes and it's tell you the truth I think we forced her to make them confess about things that weren't true I feel bad about a child that's what you guys do right doesn't you know like I bet you if they had an attorney things would have been different you know there are few points are always telling to my clients be prepared have an attorney by your side and be ready for any kind of questions and never admit especially in the situation where the the marriage was totally a real marriage right so I think if they get they have gotten a good lawyer now by now they would have gotten out of it so I don't think you should feel that bad it's not your fault you were just doing your job this particular case bothers me why I want that paperwork done by the end of the day thank you for meeting with us today I'm bill Bennett I'm with the Department of Homeland Security this is officer Dan Jones is a special agent with the FBI this is Jennifer Lawrence with the Department of State I better place you both under oath you start up raise your right hand I swear the child the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God for the record I have officer Bill Bennett and this interview is being conducted under the immigration marriage fraud act to confer immigration benefits to victor sanchez the beneficiary on behalf of his US citizen spouse Holly Sanchez president ethis at this time in this interview is officer Jennifer Lawrence from the Department of State and Special Agent Dan Jones from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's we shall now proceed with the interview this interview is being conducted voluntarily and you are both free to go at any time note that should you choose not to answer or to leave the petition will automatically be denied and you shall be placed in removal proceedings may I proceed well everything seems to be in order so Victor you're from Tijuana Mexico yes yes sir and you were born in San Jose California you're a citizen of the United States yes that's right today's interview is standard procedure we need to know that this marriage is bona fide and not entered solely for immigration benefits I assure you mr. Bennett we are in love and this marriage is in no way a fraud that's good mr. Sanchez because defrauding the government in order to get a green card has very serious repercussions sir it seems you came to the United States on a b1 b2 visa On January 2003 and he never left yes sir I'm gonna have to separate you two to continue the fraud interview this is standard procedure one of you're gonna have to leave so mrs. Sanchez tell us how you met well it was about a year ago I...